[Free Event] Experience Kungfu Wing Chun and "Single Sticking Hands competition"

October 12, 2018, Shanghai

6:45 PM, Friday

长寿路总馆 普陀区长寿路468号中环大厦5楼 Jun Yong Town, 5th floor, No. 468, Changshou Road · Shanghai


体验咏春和看“詠春拳单黐手”的比赛 欢迎大家踊跃参与! 本周五晚上普陀馆来体验咏春包过热身,踢腿,咏春基本功,和看单黐手比赛。 Experience Wing Chun and the "Single Sticking Hand" principles competition Everyone (from beginners till advanced) is welcome to participate or watch! Free Event this Friday night to experience an hour Wing Chun class, including warming up, kick movements and learning the basic skills. After the class, there will be a Single Handed Wing Chun contest. See how speed, using your senses and Wing Chun basic skills to defend and attack during battle. 6:45 - 7:00 PM - Introduction Tour Ju Yong Town Wing Chun Club; 介绍聚咏堂 7:00 - 8:00 PM - Warming Up, Kick Movements, Wing Chun Techniques; 热身,踢腿,咏春动作 8:00 - 9:00 PM - Experience Wing Chun "Single Sticking Hands" Training Principles ; 体验咏春 “单黐手” 练习方法 Entrance Fee: FREE, but register is required by wechat: LiszeSiaw 参加: 免费,需要报名微信:LiszeSiaw Time: 12th Oct (Fri)时间: 10月12日(周五)6:45- 7:00 PM 地点:Where 长寿路总馆,普陀区长寿路468号中环大厦5楼 Jun Yong Town, 5th floor, No. 468, Changshou Road · Shanghai

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