June 22, 2019, Shanghai

18:00 pm

(GMT +08:00)


PAINT FEST is a fresh splat of color in the melting pot of Shanghai. 3 Artists will Live Paint large canvases freely for 1 hour. The creators of Nail on the Wall and Beyond the Bund are coming together for this experience—gathering three upcoming street artists to perform. DJ Lev Zep will command the beats. To top it all there will be a free flow of Pistonhead Beer and the much talked about Pizza-Baozza hybrid at special prices! It will be an experience filled with street art, dynamic tunes & summer vibes. Artist #1 HAN Han started painting and doodling when he was 4 years old. He would love to live in the middle of the forest, but he spends most of his time in big cities–the urban overwhelming dynamics is the source of inspiration for his work. Han explores street art and subculture spreading paint over large canvases. Artist #2 FEAT FEAT is an artist that has been painting since he was 10 years old. Though he went to art school, it was really in the streets that he learned his most valuable art lessons. Since then, he combines street, traditional, and contemporary styles in colorful murals and paintings. Artist #3 WILD CARD Up for a painting challenge? Apply to be considered as our wildcard and get a chance to be the third painter to fill a 200cm x 200 cm canvas over the time span of one hour. We are looking for artists of all styles that dig fast painting in front of an art-loving and supportive crowd. Send your creations to WeChat: tomaspinheiro to be considered. The wildcard will be chosen by the audience on the spot.

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