Fundraising Sucks: How to Walk Out of Your Investor Meetings with Money [Master Class]

August 6, 2019, Shanghai

19:00 pm

(GMT +08:00)


Everyone has trouble fundraising, it's hard. Learn the secrets to raising money that investors don't tell you. Learn how to identify the right investors for your business and start closing the money! Learn the fundraising terminology and process so you can pitch confidently and get the best deal. In this intensive course, Trevor Owens will guide you step-by-step through the strategies, mindset, and details you will need to successfully raise money from investors. It's not as straight-forward as you think. Learn the ins and outs of analyzing term sheets between you and your investors using real term sheets. Receive these so you can use them in crafting your own term sheets. Receive actual spreadsheet of 400 angel investors with their contact information. About the instructor, Trevor Owens Trevor Owens is a startup founder and software developer who successfully raised a seed round from Silicon Valley investors, but what he learned in the process is extremely surprising.

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