The 7th JSConf China will take place on 19-20 October in Shanghai

October 20, 2019, Shanghai

08:00 am

(GMT +08:00)




With a 6-year history, JavaScript Conference China (JSConf China) has been held in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Nanjing since 2012, and this year JSConf China 2019 will take place in Shanghai at the Spring Center during 19-20 October.                      


About JSConf China

JSConf China is a two day developer-driven, non-profit conference where both local and international JS communities share the latest tools and techniques for JavaScript. This is an enlightening event for both senior and entry-level programmers, for development team managers and CTOs.




In the past 6 years, we have speakers from global leading technology companies like Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Netflix, Tencent, and Microsoft, sharing their valuable insights within the industry - coding knowledge, experience when using frameworks and optimization strategies during development. JSConf China provides all JavaScript developers in China with an opportunity to engage in a large sharing festival focusing on knowledge and experience.                      



The topic of this year’s conference is “More Extensive, More Flexible”. JavaScript has been developed rapidly in recent two years, with wider applications. It keeps learning from other coding languages and fixing its own drawbacks. With the help of the development of frameworks like vue.js, JavaScript develops well.                      




About the speakers

This year, we have speakers from various fields, from front-end, back-end to full stack developers, from web to mobile, from developers to team managers, from senior architects to architecture founder. Various profiles will provide you with interesting insights.


Here’s speaker lineup of JSConf China 2019




More information



Besides 16 high-quality talks, we also provide 2 free workshops for attendees who want to join. First come first served. 


We will organize a panel discussion at the end of each day. Speakers would be on stage, attendees are encouraged to ask questions and communicate with speakers.


We have on-stage recruitment sessions for sponsors. Attendees have opportunities to communicate with team managers directly, get feedback and get an offer hopefully.


Every JSConf China has a reserved program, that is an afterparty for programmers and also speakers. Don’t miss out the valuable opportunity to talk to speakers face-to-face, exchange knowledge and insights. You might be the star on the stage of JSConf China next year!


All attendees will get mysterious souvenir gifts, come to the conference and find out.


Here are all the sneak peeks. For more information, follow our official WeChat account: JSConf_China .                      



About the Organizer

Founded in Shanghai in 2009, Wiredcraft is a full-service digital product company, with an EU office located in Paris. We bring tech, design, data and business chops together to help the largest brands in the world design, create, & grow digital solutions that impact millions of people. Our clients include Starbucks, Burberry, Walmart, Apple, Hilton, Dior, the World Bank and the UN. We are active in open source communities and support the development of local technology and design communities by organizing monthly offline meetups and the bi-annual UI/UX Conf.


How To Get Free/Discount Code For The Event?

Scan QR code to follow "MeetUGo社群" Wechat account & reply "JSCON2019" and follow steps. You'll have chance to get discount ticket or free ticket.







Who will attend

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