How Blockchain Will Transform Financial Services

May 15, 2019, Shanghai

19:00 pm

(GMT +08:00)


In the near future, every asset will exist and be recorded on the blockchain. Financial product providers will need to be able to easily create digital financial assets and efficiently connect with investors all around the world. The lack of data analytics, custody, liquidity, and legal documentation that is compliant across multiple jurisdictions all currently prevent the majority of financial institutions from entering into the digital asset industry. Many cryptocurrency advocates tout the potential for large financial institutions to begin investing in digital assets, but there is no clear path or existing infrastructure for the creation, storage and distribution of digital assets. CEOs from 3 companies - DarcMatter, BitCurate, and everiToken - will speak about these topics and more, while discussing the inevitable future of the digital asset economy. Sang Lee (CEO of DarcMatter & Konstellation), Victor Lee (CEO of Bitcurate), and Brady Luo (CEO of everiToken) are all well-traveled international keynote speakers, among the most knowledgeable in their field in this cutting-edge industry. The bitcoin buzz of late 2017 is slowly reigniting. China is today a virtually cashless society. With these two trends, we surely stand at the cusp of a whole new way for people to interact with their finances. This is just the beginning of transforming financial services... it's only a matter of when. Come join us for free this Wednesday, May 15 in the heart of Shanghai at the WeWork located at 819 W. Nanjing Rd. Easily accessible by public transport on subway lines 2, 12, and 13 at Nanjing West station.

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